Ciett Economic Report 2011

The agency work industry around the world

”Global total annual sales revenues amounted to 203 Billion Euro in 2009. Europe is the leading regional entity by total annual sales revenues, accounting for 40% of global total annual sales revenues”.

Companies rationale to use agency work:

- Agency work improves companies´ competitiveness
- Agency work is not a substitute for permanent employment
- Reasons to use agency wok are generally to meet peaks in demand or to fill in for absent employees

Agency work and the economic recovery:

- Agency work is a bellwether of the economic situation
- As a cyclical business – and a forecasting indicator – agency work has suffered from the economic crisis, but agency workers have been the first ones to be hired when the economy recovers
- Agency work limits the risk and duration of unemployment
- The private employment agency industry has rebounded sharply since the recession.


- Differences in gender balance depend on the socio-economic fabric of a country.
- Three in five agency workers are aged less than 30
- Nearly three in four agency workers have at best finished their secondary education.
- Agency work is mostly used in the manufacturing and services sectors.
- The motive to work via an agency is usually to gain work experience
- A significant proportion of agency workers do not seek a permanent employment.
- Most agency workers are satisfied with their job.

- 21% of European companies make use of temporary agency workers.


Ciett Economic Report 2011